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Hello - I got an gentle nudge from Dan via an email to come and say Hello. So here I am. Up until three years ago I worked as an Civil Servant with the MOD in Bath, amongst other places. With two children both likely to go to University I decided to change career path, and being a self employed domestic electrician looked like a good way forward for me to earn a bit more money and also to take control of my own working life. Bit silly for a 46 year old I can say with hindsight. Although overall I am glad I did it.

Hard is it not? Running a business that is.

I have ended up running a small construction firm with four chaps working for me, and Part P work is done in support of that, special place work, 17th edition rewires etc. Interestingly although able to self certify I have adopted a more conservative route and always bring in a 2391 Test Engineer to certify our work - he also acts as our company qualified person, and supervises when the work demands it. This has a benefit to us in that we maintain a very high quality simply because we are constantly being independently assessed. The profit is slightly down but the quality is always high, and I rest easy knowing we are always doing the best by our customers in terms of value for money. We do just enough work now that I am about to go the 2392 route myself just to ease the load as it were, and to provide a backup for when needed.

I only found the site fairly recently and have not had much time to spend on it, but the time I have spent here has been very instructive - the two views on extending cables for instance has been a real eye opener and has mirrored some of my own concerns about crimping.

Anyway - enough already - thanks for reading this far, and thanks too, to whoever has the interest to maintain the site, moderate it and generally keep it going, well done.
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