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hello everyone i want to change my Xbox one adapter from 110V to 220V i watch video and there is 1 part needed part name is: HEL 14D 471K. so my question is: that module and (NU) 472M X1Y2 is same ? i mean can i use this instead of showed in video ?

p.s. i'm 2/10 at knowledge of electronics.
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sorry but i prefer to transform it. i'm sure it will work just need to know if this 2 do same thing.
thx anyway for sugges.

i cant reply it says i am spamming or something like that :(


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If you make 5 posts to the forum, you will avoid the spam detector then. It is set quite high for the moment while I get some data to tweak it. New forum upgrade recently. 🙂🙄😏


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As above mate. It would probably be cheaper to the the above power supply.

So to answer your question regarding the varistors:

HEL 14D 471K spec:

I can't seem to find a spec for the (NU) 472M X1Y2.
(NU) 472M X1Y2. Sounds like a reforming safety capacitor.
This stuff may just be at input.
(More important part is if part converting power has
2x 120V Parallel or series bits. )
(You are moving in the more dangerous direction -Need experience )

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