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Hi Folks.
I'm looking forward to learning lots from you guys. I'm just completing Domestic Installers course, got 17th Ed Wiring Regs exam next week. I'm kind of nrevous about getting registered with NICEIC or whatever scheme. Can anyone run through what happens when they turn up to inspect your work? And is NICEIC any better/worse that the others such as NAPIT?
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Welcome ACVC. My, what a can of worms you are about to open up on the whole NIC / NAPIT / ELECSA debate lol!

My own opinion (for what it is worth) is that NIC seems to be the favoured body but has appalling service levels for the member - but is the 'name' that joe public recognises most. NAPIT seem to be much more 'friendly' towards the smaller outfit with good service levels from what I can gather. As for what is involved when they come out to you - can't comment yet. I was looking to join this summer (NAPIT) but have delayed going on my own until next year due to current economical climate.
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Hi GT67

Do you mean Exam Board? If so, I think its EAL. Why you ask?

Thanks Cirrus. I kind of suspected that. There's an NICEIC registration roadshow in Swindon next week. I might go and hear what they have to say about it. Have you been to one?
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