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Evening all.

As you probably guessed I would love to train as a sparky (new builds commercial/industrial is my preference - but wouldn't turn anything down!) and it would appear I've signed up to a great site for what I'm looking for - advice mainly.

I wasn't too confident of ever getting in to the industry before I visited here, thinking that companies would only be interested in employing school leavers but after reading some member's stories I'm pleased to say that's changed.

I'd like to think I have a slight advantage over many people who register here as I've got qualifications and experience of electrical work - although it is from 2002.
I was an apprentice maintenance technician and while here I got an NVQ2 in Performing Engineering Ops. and a BTeC NC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Problem was, I never got an NVQ3 which would be a great help at the moment!

I'm not currently enrolled on a course, what with it being mid-academic year, but plan on researching C&G 2330 (more than likely the best bet too) . Also, I have just recently started writing off to companies for employment, however, these are long established multi-million pound companies so maybe I'm looking in the wrong area?

Anway, before I ramble on into a life story, I hope this site can be of great benefit to me and others who're registered here!
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David, theres a few of us that have started out with an electrical maintenance background

I did my BTEC NC in Electrical Engineering way back in 84/85, and just worked away at it since then. (I have never done the 2330 though!) You may be surprised as to how much you allready know!

go for it!


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there are many cats and many ways to skin them learn,earn drink beer !!!!!
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