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To give you a bit of back ground. I decided a while ago I wanted to get into the domestic side of electrics, so I enroled on an open learning course, completed the written exams last December and the practical assessment in January. The help I was supposed to get from the centre in finding a job, to be polite, was absolutely shocking so I was basically thrown in at the deep end.

After spending from December to May applying to every builders / maintenance company / electricians etc in the yellow pages I'd had one possible and no other responses. As money was starting to edge away I decided to go self employed and try and build up enough interest from doing minor works to earn a living and go towards my part p. Initially this started ok and I got a bit of interest, however it started changing pretty quickly to people wanting jobs doing I couldn't sign off. Not knowing anthing about part p I phoned elecsa (they were recommended to me) spoke to a very helpful person who told me what I needed to be assessed. As is often the case tho, unexpected bills, expenses and costs of living got in the way and the whole thing had to take a back seat. I ended up going from temp warehouse job to another just to have an income.

If you haven't fallen asleep, given up or just switched off by now...I'll continue!!

I'm now at a stage where I can afford to get things back on track. As it stands I have my 16th edition and EAL domestic installer certs. My idea being to update to the 17th, get my part p then work towards my 2391.
So the questions:

Does this seem like the best way to do it to everyone else?
Can I still sign of minor works under my 16th until I update it? (Beeen told different by everyone I've spoken to!)
And finally... I've read on here about the problems with Dave up the pub who'll do the work for half the price. Had the same problem myself a few times so how do people get round it? Simply by word of mouth and reputation?

If you've made it this far, sorry if they're stupid questions but after not doing it for a few months my knowledge is a bit rusty. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated and if I ever see any of you, beers are on me!!



Problem is Chris that all over the country at the moment housing projects are being put on hold because they aren't selling, Redrow has a housing project near to me and they have stopped building any more properties as they can't sell them.

Sorry to say it is just the way things are going at the moment with builders laying of staff left, right and centre.


There is never a good or bad time to start up your own business. You make it what you want to get out of it. A bit of advice though. Never go into business you are not 100 per cent sure about. If you are still ok with starting up on your own make sure you do your homework. Who are the competition? How long have they been in business. Try and get feedback from people who have used them. Is there enough work to share around? If you live in a big city you should be fine.
If you have your 16th edition and your EALs then join NICEIC or preferably NAPIT. You are then able to Test and Inspect and sign off your own work. You just certificate and they will do everything else for a couple of quid regarding the paperwork. Just make sure that what you are doing is what you really want. A rewire on your own is by no means easy.

All the best and good luck :p
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Are NAPIT the best ones to give with then? Have to be honest, I'd not heard of them until coming on here!

I'm definitely 100% certain it's what I want to be doing, something I should have done years ago really. I know two local electricians that are constantly busy and a large local company that are never short of work, made sure I checked on that first.
I've helped out on a couple of rewires and you're not wrong, it's not something I fancy doing on my own. The people I've helped do it have already said they'd return the favour if i can get up and running...thankfully!

So can I carry on using my 16th then, until I update it?

Thanks for all the advice.


16th Edition is still ok. Go with NAPIT. Everyone seems to be with NICEIC who in my mind are getting very expensive membership wise. As for rewires etc why not put an ad in your local rag for an electricians mate. He doesnt have to be qualified just a spare pair of hands for you. Plus they are cheaper than hired electricians. More money in your pocket at the end of the job. And when he is upto speed and learning new installs? Makes you think doesnt it? Use this forum for all the help you need.
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I like the way your thinkings going there!! Time to get some more fliers done and drum up business I think, gonna ring NAPIT on monday and have a chat with them, then hopefully things will start picking up! Got to be positive afterall!
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