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I have recently passed my 17th edition regs and c&g 2391 inspection & testing,but i am confused about whether i can issue certificates for my work,and i can't seem to get an answer from anywhere.Do i need to have a part p qualification?
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Hi Gunny
What area of work are you in (domestic or commercial ) ? you will need to be registered with one of the approved bodys or have someone in the company thats registered as a duty holder that will act as supervisor and sign off your/everyones work but if you can prove to the assessor at niceic or napit or elecsa etc you are compatent you will pass the assessment and be able to self cert your work i know niceic offer membership if you pass the assessment even if you dont possess qualifications but the requirement is you have to obtain them within a year. The 17th will get you through ! the requirements are on websites on niceic/napit/elecsa.
Hope this helps


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Hi tony,its for domestic work,does building control at the local council do something where they certificate your work? do i still do all the tests and they check.What does the 2391 qualification actually entitle you to do?

Des 56


In the world of electrical installation ,you are competent to complete and sign the certification that says your work or others complies with bs 7671
Your competence is proved and would be accepted in a court or by institutions

In the world of installations in domestic properties,your competence is no different,however,domestic electrical installation now comes under building control because it has been included as part p of the building regulations

To comply with the building regulations then certain works (rewires,cons units,other major works)and work in a special location,that is a bathroom and surprisingly a kitchen (a kitchen is not a special location in bs 7671)
need to be pre notified to building control before starting the work ( no notification required if there is full plans approval though)
Along with this notification they will charge a fee It varies from area to area
They then have the responsibility to check at 1st fix and 2nd fix and to test the installation

To avoid going through all this You are able to join a scheme that is registered as a competent person scheme You may join as defined scope if you are a plumber for instance or in your case full scope mainly for electricians
By joining one of these schemes ,you can avoid the notification to buiding control and the fee because as a member of a scheme you are permitted to self certificate for compliance with the building regs

If you dont join a scheme and go the building control route,then they may accept your certificates as proof of compliance with bs7671 or they can test it themselves They would probably accept your certification because you have 2391 but its not assured

The 2391 is the qualification required to become a qualifying supervisor with an niceic approved contractor where you can then oversign others installations
The 2391 will assist you getting work in the PIR world Testing for yourself or as an employee

regards Des
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