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Help understanding little solar production

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Hi all

In need of some advice to help understand little generation on PV system.

The set up is:

5kw hybrid inverter
10kw batttery storage
2 x strings of 6 x JA solar 420w panels (2.52kw per string)
Tigo optimisers for each panel

I was producing 2.3kw around 9am (south facing) and this was producing the below but only lasted for half an hour.


After this the system even thou it’s sunny has produced no more than 162w per string with 0.8a and 202.3v.

Manufactured panel info shows:
Pmax 420w
37.7 Voc
13.50 Imp

The first readings is what is to be expected but I cant understand why it’s now showing little generation. The batteries are 100% and little load on house, the inverter is is set to no export at the min so question I have is if the batteries was charged and the house has little load would this stop the production on panels?

Any help understanding would be appreciated.
If the batteries are charged and the house is taking little then the full production of the panels will be dumped into the grid. As you have set it to no export on the inverter, then your solar production is reduced massively. Suggest put the kettle on and see if the production increases
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