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When wiring multiple lights from a single switch, is it possible to continue from last light with a loop to next room?


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As above, just it is perfectly acceptable. There is a length-limit for voltage drop and safe disconnection on a fault, but it is probably going to be at least 68m or so from the CU (fuse box) to furthest light and so unlikely to be a problem in most homes.

Just remember to connect the CPC (earth) at every point, even if the light accessories are not currently using them as all-plastic, etc.


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Is your feed at a light or switch? Loop from where the feed is and then s/l to whatever it is light or a switch. I don’t assume you’d want another room on the same switch?
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some properties are wired with the neutral in the switch -this type would not be suitable unless you wanted both lights to come on at the same time from 1 switch
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I don’t mean a switched neutral I mean the neutral and loop in and out are in the switch box with single twin and earth to the light fitting

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