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Iain D

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I Have been watching the forum for a while and thought it was about time to introduce myself.
I have worked with electronic and electrical systems for over 20+ years and I am now looking to go into the domestic sector (bad timing I know) I have just completed 17th edition , PAT, and EAL part P domestic installers through PGL Training in Exeter (Excellent training provider in my opinion) and will be taking my 2391 in October. So I have a good idea of the domestic theory and circuits, My wiring skills are of a high standard from 20+ years of practical work, but my main problem will be getting the wires from A to B in a domestic situation... so I will be looking to be somebodies Bitch for a while (Live in South Wales).
Turning 40 soon so hopefully not too old to change career, fortunately have very supportive Wife, and hopefully the support of the forum members when I need it.

Iain D
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Welcome aboard mate. Can I ask how much your training course were or have you got a link anywhere to it.

Iain D

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Hope this helps
Iain D


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Hello Ian, nice to have you on board.

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