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Hey, found your little hideaway while looking for something more specific than electrical area in a DIY forum, but slightly less formal than the IET forums. Its good to have somewhere to share insights, knowledge and solutions, I'm sure people find it a lot easier to ask questions in here than in the wholesalers etc. The Sparky's Pub sounds mysterious too, almost a bit elitist but i think we all want in!
Anyway I've been qualified for about a year, going well so far, trained at DCET in Exeter now working in Torbay, got some good mates in the trade, some from college and some old boys from work with their endless lectures....... only joking boys
Anyway, check out my thread to find out about disastrous events at work! http://www.electriciansforums.net/g...496-oops-i-really-wish-i-hadnt.html#post19057
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Mike P

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Hi oneyearwonder.
welcome aboard. Read your thread. Nice one!!
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Welcome OYW:)


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Hello and welcome to the site.

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