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hi ya,

my name is Daz and i have been in the Army for the last 14 years, i have called time at the bar and i am going back to what i use to do before i joined up....sparky!

i passed my 236 pt 2 a few years ago ( 2360 i think it is now ) and i currently studying for the 2381 and 2391 exams. 2381 is a piece of cake if the 2381 simulator is anything to go off ( recommended by the way), i have loads of past questions for the 2391 exam, now this is a different kettle of fish, it is blooming Ninja, you can see why so many people, new and old sparkies, fail this exam.

i have kept my hand in with electrics over the years with work over leave periods ( holidays ) so i am hoping to get back into it quite quickly.

For all you new guys out there wanting to get into electrics, it takes years to be a good electrician and there are many out there with good reputations, so work hard at it and it is do-able. Going for the longer courses rather than the short 6 week courses stand better with companies looking to employ, so bear that in mind. As a lot of you will probably know, complanies will not take you on without experience but where do you get the experience if they do not take you on.....6 and 2 3's.

i am hoping that if i get stuck on anything while studying for the 2391 exam there will be someone out there who will know the answer or know where to get it, i will be writing...trust me!!

cheers guy.....and gals

alrite dude, thanks for joining up. Am one of those who did the 6 weeks course, it was my last option, because I tried getting into colleges around the yorkshire area, but all got took up straight away, Sent loads of letters to try and get an apprenticeship around 300 letters it was. no one was interested so I went to technique training for 6 weeks, came out and looked for a job. Look a while as you sed people dont take those who go on courses seriously. But with me I'm different I put in all I got to learn Anyways eventually I got a job, with a industrial and commercial electrical company. 2nd time round of sending letters off with my cv was about 450. Just shows how much you need to send to get a result.

regards Luke


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Welcome Daz
What Regt M8 ?
If you need the latest upto date 2391 papers take a look at sparkyheaven learning section. I passed the 2391 2 or 3 years ago & the old practice papers bore no resembalance to the paper we were given.
Sparky Heaven


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hi ya easyfox,

i am currently with 39 Engr in waterbeach in cambs, I am Reme though, i should be out early next year, daunting thought getting out, but the out is the new in....so i have heard!
I was one of the unlucky ones that had to change trade from vehicle electrician to mechanic as there was a short fall in mechanics. MOT's all day....not for me i am afraid.

i had a look at that sparky heaven before, didn't find much on there to be honest, don't know if i was looking at worng section though. any of you guys out there that have some current questions, do not be shy and fire them this way.


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