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just a quick note to say hello and give a quick breif. Found this site a few months ago and have been wandering around for a while, excellent topics and great answers to a varied amount of puzzles.
I have just returned to the uk from a long stint over seas and decided to retrive my side cutters and insulated screwdrivers from the bottom of an old tool bag and comence contecting wire to switch and socket. My first big shock when i started looking for employment was the amount of people who want to see piecies of paper with intials or numbers for this and that. My old C&G, Btec and diploma not as good as a part 17 with the ink still wet.
Not to be defeated i have took a little advise from here and am now a mate to a berk who wodn't know a single phase transformer from a blanking plate.
When(swing the old lamp) i did my time we were expected to know about everthing and as they say on mastermind have a specilist topic, usually domestic or industrial.
It is still a great trade and ,when left alone to get on with the job, one i would recomend to any youngster who finds the odd challenge fun. So for the love of the job and not for the coinage in the pocket i will stick with this berk until i can sit my up to date paper with fresh ink and then out on my own i think.
So first let me thank you all in advance for the answers to the daft questions i will post and wish you all the best


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hello, is it worth putting the berk in his place rum can you give you some fascinating but useless stuff


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Hi Romulus ,my mate used to have a dog named after you ,banes the best man to answer your questions ,shakeys not a proper sparky so take no notice of him.
looking forward to your daft questions ,
all the very best in the whole wide and wonderfull world

Einstein's Refrigerator Site Index

heres a load of useless stuff wayne,just 4 you.
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Hi Romulus

like Rum said, I aint a proper sparks, so ignore my insane ramblings:confused:

what makes you think your quals are out of date?

only ones i know that are really 'lifed' are the regs quals.

even though i would not say invalid, because someone with 16th regs (for example) does not 'lose' their knowledge when the 17th came out

jeez, some of mine are 25 yrs old (not that i've got any, lads)

if you wanna be specific, I can tell you exactly what their equivalents are today, (by asking the master: Bane):p


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Welcome to the site Romulas.

(I may deign to answer ONE of your questions at some point, but don't count on it. People pay good money for my knowledge you see)
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