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Hi, I'm Chris and I'm looking to become a self-employed domestic electrician in the future.

Problem is I already work full-time as a web developer, have an eight year old son and a mortgage. I'd appreciate some advice on how to get into it without having to earn a pittance for the next 4-5 years! I'm obviously willing to put the effort in, but I really can't afford to lose too much money.

I've seen these "wonder courses" that profess to teach you everything in a few weeks, but I really doubt they are any good as you'll just have too much to take in over such a short period of time.

Any advice will be most appreciated!

Thanks, :)
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Hi Chris and welcome to the forums. There's another Admin that is on here who has just done a domestic course. I'll get him get you the details.


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nice one, thanks.

I have been looking at the 2330, it's a P/T course (2 evenings a week) - I think it's the right one to do :confused:

I have a CD at home with the info needed to pass the 2391, I took a test exam online when I first started looking - managed 68% with no prior revision/knowledge. I have a feeling that one will be quite easy when the time comes :D


Thanks mate.


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Hi Chris.
I am also interested in becoming an electrician but am skeptical about the courses I see advertised over the net.
I find it hard to believe you can become qualified in a matter of weeks with no prior knowledge of the trade.
I have been working on building sites and would like to improve my skills by becoming an electrician so any advice on how to go about this would be appreciated.
I am not a kid anymore so I do not have years to spend at college doing a few hours a week.
If anyone has any info on good courses and reputable schools then please let me know.
Cheers Joe.


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Hi guys,
The route I have taken was to enrol at college for 2 evenings a week for 3 years on the 2330 course. Yes, 3 years is a long time but it soon goes by and if you are in the trade then the course compliments your true learning curve on site. The course will not make you an electrician - only dedicated site experience will do this due to the huge amount of knowledge and skills base you need to acquire and there is no substitute for time i'm afraid. Having been a sparky for 2 1/2 years and now running small jobs, I am extremely wary of any course which makes you think you can become competent in a matter of days / weeks. Remember, what we do is dangerous both to us and the customer potentially - we are working with a killer in the wrong hands.
Most will find the 2330 course relatively striaght forward to pass, with 2391 being far, far more difficult and complex. I know sparks who have been testing for 20 years to fail the course! Whichever route you decide to take, remember - you will be learning for the rest of your life as there is no way any one spark can know it all. Above all, good luck and enjoy!


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my names lee i was just going through the site before i posy anything and see this so i though i would give it my 10 pence worth

this course you are on about for gettig a 16th edition qualification can be done and i can put the money i spent on doing the course on it!!

but i should point out that these course will give you just what you need to get the qualification and nothing else! as great as they sound you really should be asking around and trying to see if the work is out there

speakin from my won point of view i've left the factory shift work and the lot to get out of the rat race and give me something to help me leave the uk for good(my dream) but now finding a job that i need to make my new skills work. To be honest is just not there! when you are on the phone asking for work you will find yourself being laughed at for getting such a trade in a few weeks. . .when it come to doing 1st and 2nd fix theres nothing i can not do. I've been working this kinda thing for a while. but still no one wants to give you a job with no real experiance the thing is as it is with everything you do your not going to get it if no ones going to give you the chance to work

The best thing i can say as happend to someone on the course with me is find someone thats willing to give you a job before you sit such a course the person that trained with me the day that we passed they phoned there friend and was offered a job 150pound a day. They was open and honest with the person that give them the job that hands on skill was very low but this was the same person that said to my training partner (pass your 16th edition and i'll give you a job)

You will be lucky to find yourself in such a posstion i think

The nearest i have come to getting a job is one that is willing to pay me 22pound per hour(not that i'm after that kinda money just now more like someone to take me under there wing if you like) but i have to go self employed with less that 3 months of being a sparky under my belt

if i was oging to put a quote on this i'd say the moneys there just that that faith is not!!

All the best if your trying to better yourself, you can not be blamed for trying!!

P.S if you have any questions about a 16th edition course i dont know how much help i can give but what i have i'm willing to share

sorry for long post



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just an update, I've spoken to my college who do run the course - however not this year as they don't have a lecturer for it. Typical!

I have looked around, and seen that British Gas offer trainee positions - these seem to be similar to an apprentiship but you get a (crap) wage, work placement, tools and a van. To be perfectly honest I'm a bit sceptical, but would appreciate some people's thoughts on this.

British Gas Online Recruitment

it might be the best option for me, but it's quite a drop in pay. I'm also worried I'd become a "British Gas electrician" rather than a real one...

Geordie Spark

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Lol geordie, didn't think you'd actually go ahead with it, but as promised i'll follow so ure not the only one in trouble....welcome!

Think i'll just copy and paste this thread if ure gonna be doing it alot, cba to type all time lol.

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