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Hi all just joined and gonna have a look around I have decided on a change of career and have looked with serious consideration as becoming an electrician.(I done my apprentship in 1985 then joined the Forces, has a lot changed)
Is there any advice or are there any up adted books i can read in order to give myself a head start please. I have electrical knowledge a long time ago.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, just coming out after 22 yrs?

What apprenticeship did you do, and what trade were you in the mob? You done a resettlement courses?

i teach for a private training company (EAL Domestic installers, 16/17th Edition Regs, C&G 2377 PAT Testing and 2391 inspection and testing)

whenever i interview potential students ( the majority of which are career changers) the question i always ask is

"What do you want to do after your training/qualifications?"

I.E, do you want to 'work' as an electrician in any environment? (could be Buidling maintenance type work), do you want to do commercial, industrial and domestic? Do you only want to do domestic installations? Do you want to be self-employed (straight away or more likely eventually)?

You may have an idea or you may not have even considered it, but really its a starting point.

i can certainly reccomend publications (such as the ones i reccomend to my students!)
and/or work out some sort of training plan for you

Lots of questions, but lifes like that isn't it!!


hiya skystorm, welcome to the site, hope you choose a career in electrics. 17th edition is out this month, reading that would be a great start.

regards Luke
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