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Good morning everyone,

I'm new to the forum so firstly hello :) I am currently training to become an electrician however I'm undecided as to what kind I should be. I currently have my level 2 City and guilds + ecs card and am working towards my level 3. I have a few weeks experience in domestic wiring (I've just started thanks to my teacher recommending me to someone). I've thought a lot about getting into rail or UPS or even test related kind of work but I've yet to talk about this to someone who knows what they're talking about. My main concern is money and career progression. I'd like to at least be earning 40k take home a year by the time I'm 30 (I'm currently 18), ideally about 80-100k+ by the time I'm 40. These are just some personal goals and obviously don't need to be met I just need to know the best possible path to get there. I enjoy electrical work so I'm not fussed too much about what kind as long as the pay is good. Also I'm a little stressed as I was told it'd be much more difficult to find an apprenticeship after I turn 19 which is soon, should I be worried? I would greatly appreciate any advice given. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you


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If you are interetsed in going down railway line ( Pun intended ) then @essex is your man to ask for advice.
And as above make sure you keep your expectations realistic.

Gavin John Hyde

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I think your goals unless you run a contracting firm with lots of people doing work for you are a bit optimistic.

In the future the stuff thats currently specialised will become the norm. Bit like computers in the 90s.
Any half sensible person can now fix one etc.. with AI developing. The skills will be your bog standard spark. Anything to grand or with danger money will be automated.
In china they got a robot / machine that can install pylons and terminate cables!! Imagine that here.. might make the dno more efficient


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Not telecoms then!!!

And when you hit 40 and you're not getting £100k a year don't be disappointed...


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CEO of a CPS ?


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How much do you think we actually earn? Is your college filling your head with rubbish that we are rich? To make good money you need to be willing to put the time in and work hard at it but don't be expecting 100k by the time your 40 unless you catch a break. You could always retrain as a GP they make that sort of cash


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Also don't worry too much about are 19 is probably a better age in my opinion, more mature than a 16 year old apprentice and still young enough for them take on I can't see any issues there


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The reality is that extremely few people are on £100 k before tax

Gavin John Hyde

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The reality is that extremely few people are on £100 k before tax
Only electricians i have ever heard on that sort of money were in the wild west of Iraq after the invasion but you ran risk of getting blown up, or your head hacked off. so was a judgement call on the rewards verses the risks! they were on couple of grand a week tax free.


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I’m sure I saw an able skills post a little while back stating electricians earn 150k a year...

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