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Am baffled. Looking at joining either Elecsa, NIC or Napit. The only one I can't quite work out price-wise is NIC. Elescsa also seems very cheap at £350 for the year. Any ideas??
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well I am biased Cirrus, the area engineer for the NIC is a good mate of mine, used to work for me

If i was joining, I know where i would be going:p

He has also taken the trouble to come and give a talk to my domestic installer students, after all, he will be the guy taking them through their assessmants

elecsa seem to getting good feedback mind


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I Went With Nic For The Simple Reason That Nobody[outside The Trade]has Ever Heard Of Elecsa Or Napit,they See The Nic Logo On Your Add And Thats Good Enough For Most Potential Customers.my Mate Went With Napit And He Is Now Swapping To Nic.


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Hope you dont mind me dragging this thread up from a few months ago. It seems that at the moment myself and one or two others are stuck with the dilema of which scheme to join.

With regards the main three schemes (Elecsa, NICEIC and Napit) whats everyones preference?
I am interested in the NICEIC domestic installer scheme as it suits me for the vast amount of work im covering at the moment (minor works and electrical installation).

With Elecsa and Napit, I have read their websites over and it isnt clear whether the "defined scope scheme" they both offer is aimed at domestic installers who wish to sign off EIC and MWC or just for other trades to sign MWC. Do their defined scope schemes cover you for work that falls into the EIC category?

Sorry im tired and its been a long day - hope that makes sense. :)


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Wow the NICEIC have finally fixed their website. Oh I've just gone with ELECSA no complaints so far.


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Hi I was with Napit,but in my mind they are a rip off.Every 5 years they expect you to renew your 2391 !! and what will now be 17th edition.They will do courses for this at very high cost.I swapped to nic partly because of the cost and because they are more known.If you do any testing, companies always ask for nic frims.I have been with them for 3 years no complaints, only takes ages to talk to someone in the techinical and depends on who you get,what response you get.


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this post was from june !!

if you want to know about napit start afresh

salisbury spark

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Been listening to various peoples experiences here and looking at their websites.
Im gonna join ELECSA good price-helpful when ive spoke to them (up to 6 week wait for inspection though).

Napit - seem to be trying to attract fully qualified sparks more than part p guys website not easy to understand.

Niceic - Domestic Installers seem 2nd class citizens - read joining their scheme - not a friendly introduction with statements about no limits on costs over re-inspections if fail any part before joining the domestic installer scheme. - I wouldnt join them as could end up costing me thousands over small things like not having a procedure in place.

ELECSA - scheme reads will support you through the process and you can send on proof of compliance without having to pay for reinspections.

Known NIC all my life so feels a natural choice but seems a case of them needing to review their policies and pricing to compete with ELECSA.

I phoned Elecsa with question and one of the team who supports their installers with technical advice phoned me back - SUPPORT definately, - and i dont even belong to them.....

Cost of joining putting me off. So far lucky - not had any work needing LABC notification (other than new buildings that already have LABC involved).


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Not that this is really a good thing but ive been told by many sparks that elecsa are more lenient.

Also speaking to a spark yesterday who is on Napits register has only ever been inspected once when first joined but 3 years on and has never had anyone out to him but they have always took his fee each year.

He is now about to leave and get on with NIC.


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Elecsa are brilliant.

Just joined.

They are not more lenient at all, however, they do not expect their members to jump through hoops like the others.

They have looked through government requirements and specified the minimum to join. No more no less.

With all the others they have an image to preserve whereas Elecsa let you get on with the job without for eg, all the little 'check boxes' and 'designated sockets' to test your equipment daily.

Straight forward and to the point. What else does one need?
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