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what do you guys use, as looking at most of the sets they only cater for small sizes, not ideal for downlights etc larger size sets ive come across are naff


Starrett,are the best, but they are probably the dearest as well, sometimes in the tool section of B&Q they have special deals on, or if not ask in store when and what deals are coming up, they usually will tell you.
Also Screwfix are good prices as well.


Starret are the nuts of holesaws especially if you're using the smaller sizes, but they're not the cheapest (get what you pay for) I've just replaced a 73mm after about 4 years of not constant but fairly thoughtless use ( plasterboard, timber softblock, metal) I wouldn't spend the extra on the starret arbor though I find the B&Q one dead easy to use though not the pilot bits they tend to snap at the slightest bit of not straight pressure


I have got a BOSCH holesaw set.

8 Piece Set. Progressive laser-cut tooth geometry capable of cutting into most plastics, wood and metals, including stainless steel. 8% Cobalt Alloy for longer life.

20, 25, 32, 38, 51, 64mm Bosch progressor holesaws, hex arbor, HSS pilot drill bit and plastic carry case.

I then also brought 2 extra sizes, 70mm & 84mm and managed to still fit them in this little case.

Excellent and very strong.


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