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My friend let me know last night that Homebase were having 70% of certain things. Usually you just ignore these sales as they are a con. However, this time it is very good. I've just picked up £175 of MK switch gear for £50.

MK sockets £1.65
MK 50 A pull switch £4.95
MK fused spur £ 2.10

etc etc etc

It's not just MK, there are consumer units going for silly prices too. Here is a link Search - Our range - https://www.homebase.co.uk/search/products?q=mk&redirectFrom=Any

They may well have the normal price still marked on them (as they have 1000's of products to do) but the discount is taken off at the till.


We saw things last time online but it was whatever was at each individual store. We looked at some storage boxes I think it was but the nearest was Market Harborough well by the time you had driven from Northampton it wasn't worth it.
£1.65 for MK Logic sockets is pretty good

I picked up a load of homebase GU10 Led bulbs for 99p each for my home stock


When my local Homebase was closing down I got lots of packs of those security bolts, the torx thingies with a central pin, useful for all sorts of jobs. OK, not much more than tamper-proof, but a step in the right direction. Stainless steel, A2 grade, 50p for a pack of 10.
Also, some of you will know I do work for the Men's Shed charity, and when we asked homebase if they had anything they could donate, they gave us their in-house tool kits. They have these so the guys instore can put up kitchen displays, shelving etc and they simply take what tools they need from the sales shelves, then, as they are now "used" they chuck them into big tool boxes for later in-store use. They gave us the lot...most with the labels still on them. Mighty useful, and greatly appreciated. maybe not all top brands, but we were very pleased to have such a donation.

Gavin John Hyde

I went in today to my local branch, online it said out of stock but I got a MK shower CU which can be used for small second board, garage, shed etc instead for 13.50 down from £50 which is above the usual wholesaler price as its homebase. https://www.homebase.co.uk/honeywell-4-way-metal-consumer-unit-with-rcd-and-mcb_p413977
also got a nice supply of MCBS for £1.50 each.
Somebody beat me to the larger size CU's but at £13.50 i am quite pleased with my find.
Shall use it on a upcoming job when i have to install rcd protection for a new shower. saved me £20.00 on materials.


It all sounded great until you said it was all MK stuff. Once great now shyte.
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