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Right, I have read so many threads and have been reading regs for the past 2 hours and cannot come to a conclusion without contradicting myself...
I have a customer who has ordered a 6ft x 6ft hot tub, 20amp, and a 12ft x 8ft summerhouse.
Supply for the hot tub is obvious, however, the customer wants a tv and music system installed also... either treating it as a bathroom or a basin (section 702) stops me from fitting anything inside the summerhouse including the db?
Would it be acceptable to fit an ip65 consumer unit on the outside of the summerhouse, feeding the rotary isolator for the hot tub, and an ip65 switched fused spur which in turn could power a tv inside the summerhouse as a fixed appliance?
My head is mashed
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Look up swimming pools in regs book for guidance I did a summerhouse quite similar and only put up rated light on walls refused to put any sockets in there, maybe you could find a way but my customers were easy about it weren't that bothered. Was a swim spa type thing rather than a hot tub
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Reading your post again that's pretty much exactly what I did minus the TV on the wall
Section 702 is for swimming pools and other basins so this is the route I would follow. The size of summer house in relation to the pool should allow an internal closed off area for a dist board. Music systems shouldn't be a huge issue as mains equipment can be kept in the closed off area. The TV may be an issue with IP ratings and whether you have distance to keep it out of the necessary zones.
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To be honest, i would walk away normally, but its a favour for a mate. The only way i can see is by putting a 12v ip65 rated tv inside, made for bathrooms and poolsides, with the 230v supply outside the zones on a suitable outdoor switched fuse spur, next to an outdoor garage consumer unit, with a rotary isolator below, between the db and the tub.
Btw, those tvs arnt cheap...
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Is that not just a cover for an outdoor tv when it isnt in use? It would have to be 12v tv, or i suppose he could always build a wooden frame inside the summer house perspex and a shedload of silicon, make it watertight, then with a spur on the outside of the shed it would be outside the zone but im not keen on that idea
Box it in it will fill with condensation. Get a TV for the environment.
They have the money for a chav tub and summer house they can afford an IP65 television.

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