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Good morning,
Hope this is in the correct place and would really appreciate some advice.
I had the house fully rewired in October 2017.
No problems since.
The electric switch for the cooker started making violent crackling sounds yesterday and the cooker is now unresponsive and I obviously don't want to turn the switch again. Cooker was brand new at the time of the rewire.
I've pulled out the cooker and not sure if the electrician has done the wiring properly (pictures attached). Should I try to get him back to replace it? Or has he done it fine and the switch just needs replacing (I'd get someone local to do that).
ThanksIMG_20190417_102307.jpg IMG_20190417_102307.jpg IMG_20190417_102250.jpg IMG_20190417_102241.jpg

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I suspect a lose connection in the switch so should be replaced as it and the wiring may have suffered thermal damage. The chases to the outlet plate need making good and the floating cable needs fixing.
As above ...

Probably a loose connection/termination

Easy to remedy if you know what to look for

All a bit messy with the flapping cable but not uncommon on re-wires

30 min job for a trained electrician to sort out


Whos the spark that left the main feed to cooker point cable not clipped to the timber , could he had not put it close to the plaster board .
Boy a call that dog ruff .
A bit rough for sure! Sounds like the cable is loose. Usually find that 6mm needs to be tightened then "wiggled" then tightened again. Plus I'm not OCD but I hate to see screws loose and the slot not being left in a vertical position o_O


Noooo! Horizontal attracts dust!
Haha, only ever vertical if a flathead brasss screw so the paint falls out. Horizontal makes the sockets look dead level.
Ok I know it's usually hidden by the cooker but how lazy leaving a job like that.
And it always has to be this orientation/

Never ever this \

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