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What a joke, just been to a customers to have a look at a few jobs to price up. Whilst doing this a looked at one of the switches, No earth so i thought i better check one of the light fittings as well (cu inpossible to get to :mad:). Sure enough no earth in the lighting cicuit.

She bought the property about a year ago and said she was suprised it did not come up in the survey, so i asked if she had it.

This is what it said.

Visual inspection of cables only no fittings removed or tested.

What a complete waste of money, talk about covering your back and how the hell did they look at any cables there are none visible. :confused:


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What a joker....maybe the last owner only paid for visual inspection and think they get away as safety electrical certificate and job done.....However they did....!!!

Our spark only do what customer asked for. however we should recommend the correct and safety...! cos now a day we keep stick to the rules we all live on bread and butter...!!!

I did a job yesterday extend and changing to spotlights, earth wire not even protect with earth tape on all wiring....this job was done more than 10 years ago as owner said. while i was wiring it i also put the earth sleve on all sockets as required, get customer happy and job done for me....take abit of time explain to customer and you will get more job comin your way...!!!...


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Problem you get with this sort of thing is that even though we want to make sure the customer is both compliant and happy with the work, when we present them with a list about all the redemials to put the system right they get the impression that they are being ripped off.

They believe that because the last person to look at the electrics (a plastic spark no doubt) didn't mention any of the things that you have pointed out and that their system is ok.

And lets face it if there is a difference to pay out of say £500 to bring their system back to being compliant with the regualtions, why should they chose your word over the previous sparks and pay out the extra money?

At least if the consumers use the correct channels, something can be done about being ripped off by visual inspection only inspections with no fittings removed or tested.


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The problem i have is they want to fit an extractor fan. I can't see how this is possible whithout upgrading the lighting circuit.
The second problem is it's top floor flat, no access to the ceiling voids and it is a very plush flat with high ceilings very expensive coveings. would cost thousands to wire and re plaster and match coveing.

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