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Hi there,

Do any of you experienced chaps know what would the likely maximum module temperature would be in the uk? I am just checking the compatibility of various modules with an inverter and have hit a snag. The panel i have selected works fine until the max temperature goes over 35 deg C. I would guess that module temp would be in excess of ambient temp but Im not sure by how much. Of course I dont want to install something that wont work when it gets too hot but on the other hand there is little point searching for a panel which works up to 75 deg C when we are very unlikely to ever see such temperatures. From testing our panels before installing I have never seen one above 25 deg c but then I would expect it to rise considerably when installed with the sun shining on it all day.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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I'd say top end would be around 65deg to be safe, but it's going to be pretty rare to get above 55-60. I've definitely done installations where the panels are too hot to touch for longer than a few seconds, so reckon those numbers are about right.

they will definitely go significantly above 35 degrees though.
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