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Hi all,
I'm a redudant electrician in Chepstow and so far no luck on getting any jobs locally either. I've been working as an electrician for about two years and I'm too old to start an apprentice course. So I say to hell with the lot of them and decided to go self employed. Trouble is I need a 17th edition update course and any advice on getting part p etc.If anybody knows of a course provider in the Cardiff area at a decent price that would be a start. I already have 16th Edition and 2391. I've also done a domestic install course and got the ETMA Applicable building regs certificate. So what else do I need to get?
I'm knowledgable as a designer, installer and inspector. I've been working to the 17th regs since they were released and most of the installers I've worked with don't have a clue. The installers, around here at least, don't install to the new regs (new bathroom and socket circuits without RCD's is very common). So as far as going on my own, so far its been easy. The competition is cutting down on their quotes by installing to 16th Edition standards, either that or they just don't know any better.
So I find myself trawling the internet looking and applying for jobs with little or no responses. Hence the self employed route. Any advice and tips would be great. I'm looking to register with NICEIC or equivalent company to get myself going.
A pleasure to join you guys.
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Andy Smith

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Hi angrewelshman, welcome to the forum :)


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Hello and welcome to the forums.


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Hello and welcome......:)..arn't all welshman angry...:):)


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Are all welshmen angry? Possibly. I just thought it sounds cooler than the happy welshman, or the non-commital welshman. Heres a video I made of what I used to do: YouTube - Minigun (M134) AEF
Thanks for the info. I have an email box full of poop from all sorts of companies and I'm just in the process of sifting through it all to see which ones are trying to fleece me with home study packs etc.
One company offers the study pack but at no point does it say you get to sit the exam through them. I already tried booking the 17th Edition through a GOLA centre direct but they only take referrals from training companies. So its a jam. Just waiting on OCLI brochure now to see what they offer. The Connaught Academy offer the courses at an uber steep price so heres hoping the OCLI will come back with a better offer.
I also tried Access Training Wales, who have yet to ring me back. I'm expecting a call at 5 in the morning at this rate. Thanks for the welcomes folks.


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Welcome along.:D

And yes Dave, most of us are!!!!!:p

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