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Good evening lads,

Ive not had a lot of experience with immersion heaters but ive got to look at a faulty one sometime this week. The water is heating but the customer is only getting half a bath full. Would it be possible for the immersion heater to have to elements and the upper one is buggered?


if it is economy 7/10 then it may have two elements , 1 for off peak use and the other for 1 hour boost.

chances are though it may have had a new thermostat fitted, which will be factory set to 65 0c where as the old style could go upto 90c.
so they put the usual amount of hot water in and end up with a luke warm bath!


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He didn't mention anything about a new stat when I spoke to him. He said it has just gone like that. Just seems strange as to why he only gets half a bath full of hot water.


never seen one with two elements in my time but i aint seen it all, who knows ?
done loads of these and for such a simple thing they are a pain in the a**e.
sounds pretty much like it could be a dodgy stat which is a piece of cake to do if our nice plumber has left enough room to withdraw it ???
if the heaters in the top of the tank 18" stat usuallly. in side of tank 7" stat....just a:rolleyes:....thougt maybe it could have a short stat in the top which aint gonna heat much water is it lol.
hope you dont have to put a new heater in cos that is a pants job

regards hope it goes well:)


Hi BCM Spark
Could be a few possible faults with this an inspection would be the only way of finding out which one is causing the fault, could be the tank has silt/scale built up inside causing the problem or airlock etc if it is the immersion heater to fault replace with thermostatic type.
Hope this helps


Most likely 99% chance it is a dodgy stat. Unless like someone said an airlock in the cylinder. Easy test, the water will drop from hot to cold in an instance, the flow will drop in pressure if airlocked. If it's a 2-element immersion, the bottom stat will be faulty. Very unlikely it is the actual element of the immersion heater.

Stats can be tested messing about with string..dropping in boiling water etc etc, but a waste of time, stats are cheap, just change them

~I've been to jobs where the opposite happens, water boiling in the header tank, hot water comes out of the cold water taps in bathroom...its always down to dodgy stats in my experience
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How hot is the half bath full ?
I had a dodgy stat had boiling water poring through the kids bedroom light fitting coming from loft header tank not a very nice thing to happen ! lucky kids wernt in bedroom at time.
only way to find out is inspection check water level in cylinder etc
What boiler does he have ? direct or indirect ? if direct prob stat if indirect the immersion heater wont or shouldnt be used as boiler heats central heating pipes then these coil in hot water cylinder and heat water the immersion heater is there if boiler fails you can use heater to still get hot water and warm central heating as circulating pump will still pump water around rads.
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