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Sorry Luke,

kinda shy and dont really know what to say......:eek:

now if you wanna ask a question about the effect of inductive reactance on current flow, or what a synchronous capacitor is, then i could probably open up a bit....

OK,...... erm..... what's your favourite film?

Mine is the joint NICEIC/Megger guide to intial verifiaction

yeah i know, i need to get out more:D


ha ha Tony - I reckon you do. Well, I have just given up working as a 'bouncer' after 12 yrs of graft at the weekends whilst working as a sparky during the week. Decided I need to devote more time to my day job and upcoming 2391 / part instead of getting out a bit like you, I need to stay in more!
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haha, very funny, mines the health n saftey vid I got shown when I started. Started a few topics to get it rolling, am sure the news will kick something off.


Well our town has been in the news lately.

I am from Bridgend, South Wales.

Its been in the news this week because of the number of young people hanging themselves recently.

They are trying to suggest some sort of suicide cult, because there is a 'link' between the people who died

We were personally involved because my son grew up with one of the lads, Liam Clarke, who took his own life the day after boxing day. I can remember Liam coming to our house as a spotty schoolboy. My lad was in a right state after the funeral.

My daughter was at the funeral of one of the other boys, whom she was in school with.

The point is, i really object to the way the national press have jumped on the bandwagon.

A lot of it is based on Liam being photgraphed with one of the girls who died, a 17 yr old.

Bridgend is a bloody Welsh market town and everybody knows everybody.

There was no cult, no suicide pact. Just a bunch of young people who needed help and for a variety of reasons, which none of have ANY right to speculate on, took their own way out of their problems.

One idiot on the Daily Mirror forum which my lad was reading, suggested that the problem was that they were not taught 'creationism' in schools. That them being taught that they evolved from monkeys has led to a godless society, and ultimately to their deaths.

At that point, I would sincerely have loved to have 5 minuites alone with that guy, where I would have explained to him, in gentle dulcit tones, why he should not use his misguided -------- theories to intrude on peoples grief.:mad:

So there we go.

Anyway, MK sockets, are they really worth the extra cost:(


My hometown has been in the press too recently.

Originally from Chorley, don't know if you all heard about that girl who's been stabbed whilst walking through the park?

Quite shocking actually as we used to hang around there when we were kids/teens and never heard of anything like that happening. Tell a lie, there was one other incident that I remember for a sexual assault and they caught him soon after.

Sorry to hear about your son Tony. Hope he's not too upset.

It's not his fault he lives in Wales :)


Me & the Mrs's were all set to move to Bridgend a few years ago, I was due to start working for a company called PPS (bench tec on mobilephones).
Useless info I know but Tony's post made me think of it.

Sad news from Bridgend & you're right Tony most news papers are full of speculation & hearsay. hope it hasnt hit you kids too hard mate.


Cheers guys

11 kids dead in one year

its heartbreaking

Mine are OK. Although my lad didnt look too clever when he walked in at 6 this morning as the missus was going to work...... I do beleieve (although i cant confirm it) that the fellow had been consuming alcahol all night!

Mind you when he left the house yesterday with an 18 pack of carling balanced on his shoulder, I should have read the signs......:rolleyes:

His mates are coming over later, to play Jeff Stelling super soccer saturday with lots of beers in the conservatory......:eek:

boys will be boys i suppose........
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