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Hi chaps,

Got a few questions about the example work for joining a scheme...

For a start, is there any way around going down the LABC route for my example of major works for my initial NICEIC inspection? My flat is currently wired to 15th Edition, so thinking it would make sense to upgrade to a 17th Ed CU as my example of major work. Of course the age-old problem is that I can't do the work without being a scheme member and I can't be a member without doing the work! Do I just have to accept that I'm going to have to pay the LABC for this one?

What's the NICEIC view on the DNO fuse "falling" out at convenient times? If I show them my new install, but the DNO seals have fallen off, will that be an issue?

And finally, do both my examples have to be on different properties? Not too much of a problem if they do, as my folks live nearby and I'm sure they'll let me do some minor work to show the NIC...



A. I wouldn't bother paying out to the LABC fees if your using it as an assessment it alot to shell out over nothing and LABC or the Niceic don't give a hoot anyway

B. I would say your pushing your luck only showing him a CU change and a minor works, Nic normally ask for two proper jobs and at different properties, preferably they like to choose out of three or four examples of minor and major work

C. DNO fuse...again nobody gives a **** and he won't ask you, if he does tell him the DNO come round and pulled it for you


I have recently had my first inspection with the NICEIC to become approved contractor. they wanted two types of major work. I had recently carried out and EICR and a re-wire so those sufficed.
I was still only given Defined approval at the beginning which is a start and once I had completed more work they gave me Full Approved Contractor status.
+ Not many sparks i know who have joined the LABC have gained any work through i


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Didn't know NICEIC would be expecting to pick and choose what they look at.... Surely that's pretty unrealistic for someone who's registering for the first time?

As far as I knew they wanted to see one major and one minor job.

I'm only intending to apply for the Domestic Installer scheme initially...

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One major and one minor job should be fine, should have called the DNO out for a temporary disconnection but, oh well, does not seem to be the done thing on here, though I would have done for my assessment on my own house as timing is not critical.
If you have done the install and pass the inspection (not much chance of failing!) then you can notify the job once you are a member, no need to pay LABC. The job isn't finished until it is finally inspected and tested and that will happen on your assessment!! you then have 20 days to notify, you should be fine!

If you have any concerns then try calling the provider and check if this is OK (not the DNO fuse though)
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