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Hi all,

I have a friend who wants me to install some downlights in their 1st floor maisionette , as they are having all new ceilings put in.
I have been qualified a few years now, but am still yet to do a downlight install, and this sort of thing was never covered at college.

Any pointers and advice to help me on my way would be much appreciated. Are low voltage better than mains voltage ?? what is a good way to determine how many lights per room , and how far should they be spaced apart? Are fire rated ones with hoods necessary ??? with low voltage is it best to have one transformer per light ? is it best to have them on a dimmer switch ? e.t.c e.t.c

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Dazza Lamp life we find better, but the spacings are usually determined by the size of room we,only have 6x 12v 50w fittings on 1x circuit, thats purely our preference though not rule of thumb, we also use individual tranys again our preference and also use intelligent dimmer switches and get a higher rating version of the make you are using, usually dosn,t cost any more to do this. If you are lighting in a kitchen, say over the work tops we come 700/750mm from wall as then the lights are not behind you when you are stood athe worktop, no shadows. spacing the other way as i said it all goes off the size of room, but roughly no more than 4ft between fittings approx.


Personally i try to keep to around 900-1000mm between fittings.

Low voltage have a better, cleaner light.

And yes, individual transformers so that if one goes, you still have the rest useable.
personal preference only i would use fire rated fittings rather than hoods they are a pain to fit and fall over etc.
i have mains powered gu10 flu lamps in mine 11w =55w aprox.
2 draw backs.... dimmable gu10s are still expensive and all gu10 flus are slow to start.
spacing same as the other lads have said.



Personally I always go mains rated myself, also fire rated where applicable as opposed to hoods.


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