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so, I was looking through google news this morning and i saw and advert for a device that I thought was

interesting that the device shown in the independant news footage is not the same as the little plug in unit that they are selling.

Now I was under the impression that domestic meters in the uk measure in Kwh not in Kva and therefore don't penalise us for having a poor power factor.

the advert from google actually states that it can reduce your bill by up to 90% and it states that it is an independant review site.
when you go to the sales site, this estimate drops considerably to 20 to 30%

have a look and discuss.
but in my opinion, unless you are going to do an independent evaluation of the device, I would not rush out and buy one!!

Sales site



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My Internet security package won't even let me look at it, citing it as a scam.

But you only need to read, Cuts your bills, or Slashes your bills to know that it is.

I did find some reviews where it's claimed that Voltex removes Carbon from the circuit to allow current to flow freely.

Then I found an amusing comment at the end,

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Bob Geldoff1234

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So plugging this in AFTER the meter gives you lower bills? Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that this CANNOT work.My bet is its a box with an LED light in it.That's it.Pure rip off
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Does remind me of the click bait ...
" This simple action can save you 50-90% of the energy. "
( Turn your breakers off , for forgotten items ...)
..Oh and do check freezer in garage !

..Must be Hot tubs..!
..Capacitance is sapping your energy ..
simple action Does something Half Science --Mostly LIES _

Soi disant

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Yo - saw this advertised a week or two back. Wondered how the * they get away with it.

Sadly there are people gullible enough to believe it.

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