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Main switch room as ingress of dust , the switch room also has many openings to allow the ingress of dust. A recent EICR as coded the Distribution equipment in the room C2 not fit for external influences . One side of the room as an 800A BS 5709 isolator supplying a busbar with 10 BS 5709 isolators supplying various pieces of equipment. Can’t find a decent IP65 MCCB board. Or could holes be sealed in the switch room to minimise the ingress of dust (they should have be done to prevent the spread of fire) and an IP44 MCCB DB used.
As we know, dust can get anywhere.
However, it would be unusual to code it c2 for dust penetration unless there is a lot of it possibly from a production process.
A lot more info is needed.

Can the room be sealed off better so there is not a large dust accumulation in there?
James thanks firstly for the response. Yes the switch room can be sealed off better as several swa cables enter from the production area into the switch room . I’ve just started working there then they tell me they need to satisfy All C2 on the report for their insurance. I’ve managed to source IP65 protek DBs and can fit smaller MCCB panels in enclosures for other areas of the site but with the one required in the main switch room would be quite big. So in that area I was wandering if I could Fit an IP44 board and seal the room and even put a maintenance schedule in place to clean it any future ingress after that. In order to eliminate the C2
Do you mean BS5419?
Seal the switchroom. Is this dust from some kind of production?
Do you mean BS5419?
Seal the switchroom. Is this dust from some kind of production?
Yes BS 5419 must of had a blonde moment when I put the other BS number. The switch room is built adjacent to a production area where swa cables pass through a wall into the switch room . Would you seal all holes first that monitor the switch room for ingress of dust for a few days …. Then if it’s minimum amount of ingress fit an IP44board??
Why not just seal the room and clean the existing switchgear?

Is there something wrong with the existing switchgear that requires it to be replaced?
The existing switchgear is to BS 5419 with some of the switches containing asbestos arc shields, also some of the SWA cables are not correctly glanded of properly. Some have BS 88 fuses others BS3036. Also in the event of a fault all three poles won’t be disconnected.
What do you mean by 'all 3 poles won't be disconnected'?
Total isolation of a machine is required, where ever, in general locally.
In distribution boards, I've had situations where changing 3036's to 88's removes the asbestos problem. May be different with the switchgear.
I don’t think management would like an electrical shut down for 2 or 3 days to change the switchgear… plus extra cost in removing the asbestos….

As suggested, remove the external influences.

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