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is £180 a week enough and is it worth paying £1500 for nvq and am2 via JTL

Discuss is £180 a week enough and is it worth paying £1500 for nvq and am2 via JTL in the Electrical Courses & Electrical NVQ's area at ElectriciansForums.net

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Hi guys, basically i had an apprenticeship when i was younger did around 3 years gained 2330 levels 2 and 3 then left to join army. Since then i decided to leave the army as they couldnt offer me my job choice and ended up joining on false hope of transfering once in there, anyway i have worked as a mate for like 8 months and for last 6 for an employer as apprentice 3rd year, i can be left to 1st and 2nd fix standard circuits, and install containment and also have own tools i feel i am being under paid on £180 a week. i now face a decision as my employer has since arranged with jtl to start me again on the scheme at a cost of £1500 to ME, now the plan is £20 a week from my wage goes to jtl therefore i have £160 pw, i dont really now if to invest in becoming qualified as the way things are going it seems pointless plus since leaving the army the raf have called me and said that they will be recruiting this year unsure when for genral tech electrical i am also interested in joining the raf as gen tech so dont want to pump money into jtl only to quit half way through, but on the other hand could be waiting for ages for raf so im like confused as **** what to do. any advice??

sorry about all the bad grammer..:bucktooth:


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Do it

£160 is better than nothing and a lot better than sitting at home, it will all become worth it in the end

I certainly wouldnt be grafting for that sort of money though, purely do what your meant to be doing "LEARNING", and ask as many questions as possible


As an ex-forces bod and other government bodies bod, I would advise go back in the military..
Grab their hand off and stick with it regardless. Opportunities come your way, but not overnight !!!
Spend 5 yrs in the military and see where you are then.
No one, but no one, will look after the way they do.
Soon enough you will be too old for the military. So grab it while you can.
It will earn you loads of respect with future employers. (those that are worth working for)


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20 pound a week isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things and by the end of it, it will be worth 10 times as much each week at least from your investment and keep your options open :)


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Oh and maybe see if your current employer will give you a gradual raise as you progress cus 180 is prob national min wage n you probly do more hours for it anyway


Electrician's Arms
Do the RAF, by the time you get out of the RAF hopefully the elec game would have picked up, certain peoples would have gone back home abroad, the 5ww would have gone back to IT or whatever and you could walk into a decent job or go it alone.
Many ifs, but worth the gamble in my opinion.

Put it this way, if I had the opportunity you have, there would be flames left behind as I run to the RAF so fast!!


Electrician's Arms
Personally If I were you,
I'd go into the RAF.
You are already familiar with military life, and it will be a regular income for the next 5 years.
With the state of the economy it could take 5 years or more for the cycle to go around again.
but next time you'll know to get the RAF to pay for your civilian qualifications so that you'll be in a better position

There are alot of qualified and experience electricians (including me) who are struggling at the moment

good luck with your decision


how many hours do you do?

because the national minimum wage for 1st year apprentices (or apprentices under 19) is £2.60

otherwise its £6.08 an hour.


hi guys thanks for views, abit mixed lol which makes it all more confusing for me haha. And billybob i work varied hours, for example today i got pick up at 06.50 and got home around 16.30.

Dave 85

Sounds like you're getting shafted to me mate. If you have that much experience you're surely worth more than that.


My point was more to clarify how many hours a week youre actually doing

Getting "£180 per week" is meaningless without the amount of hours youre actually working.

If youre only working 10 hours a week and getting paid £180 (therefore getting paid £18 an hour) then i would say thats fantastic

if however youre working 37 hours a week and getting paid £180 then your hourly rate is just £4.86 which is illegal on your employers part.

you need to make sure youre getting at least £6.08 an hour.

Andy 7671

OK...GRAB EVERYTHING.1) Say to your exploiter .."Yeah Ill do it " That gets you started with JTL, on the radar.2) If you can drive consider agency work, after getting on board with JTL, you will earn a better wage and still be getting qualified.3) Keep in contact with RAF, you said it might take a while to enlist so you could keep training for civvy street right up till you enlist. May they even let you finish it with them. Would you need these quals when you retire from RAF...?In a nutshell, grap each one that comes in case one fails..

Sorry about layout it auto justified badly.
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