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Hi everyone,
Im in the property maintenance business and have been toying with the idea of doing the EAL domestic installer course, basically to add more strings to my bow, so to speak.
I get the impression though that this is frowned upon by most qualified sparkies, and is widely thought of as a joke.
I do quite alot of bathroom fitting and tiling jobs etc etc, and the amount of people that ask me if I could install the power shower for them is unbelievable, of course at the moment I cant do that, but with this qualification I could.
That is basically the sort of things I would be doing if I was to go on this course.
I have considered training to become an electrician, but again reading alot of thoughts from experinced guys, they seem to be getting a bit tired of red tape and bureaucracy in the electrical business. The only way to get into the industry proper seem to be to go the 2330 route, which entails 3 years of night school, at six hours per week for 30 weeks per year (in my area anyway).
A total of 540 hours over three years, this could be done in just over 13 weeks if the course was full time (40 hrs wk) or 18 weeks if course was done on a full time college or school day timetable,ie (30 hrs wk), but there is nowhere in the country that I can find that does this, does anyone know of one...? I suppose you need practical experience onsite aswell as the college course though....?
I have also read various posts (not on this forum though) of people up and down the country who have completed the 2330 L3 and the 16th/17th regs etc and still cannot find work as to them still being thought of as an novice or an improver, is this true...?
Basically I know that it is a good trade to get into, but realistically can you get into the trade fully without having been an apprentice..?
And also do you guys regard Part P holding kitchen fitters, multi skillers etc etc as cowboys.
Thanks for any thoughts or advice.
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Part p is a joke: anyone can pass (it is quite difficult) but anyone with average learning skills can pass. You need not have any electical skills whatsoever, although your supposed to be an 'already qualified electician' That is easy to bypass, it is only a reccomendation

It is bent and a fundemantly flawed idea. Though the govenment thinx its good

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