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56A7C0FE-DFF3-4804-A10E-6B51B50E52EB.jpeg Gone to replace a light in our house and found the following setup. Given its the old colour scheme I’m a little confused which I need for live and neutral given all the red are looped. The black with the tape is the switch so does this go in neutral or live on my new light (it has a live, neutral and earth fitting) and the other non taped black go in the other - earth is obviously for earth - thanks for any help
Well quite simply - you need to understand that type of wiring. The black cable with red tape on it is the switched live - ie the cable that comes back from the switch. The red cables are your permanent lives which supply live to the next light. However, I think you need a better understanding of this wiring to do any work
The black with red tape on it needs to go into the live of the light and the neutrals need to go to the neutral of the light


It’s called “loop in wiring”
That s a stadured set up for a lighting circuit , the cables need terminating correctly though, I dont like all that bare coper on the permanent lives (the 3 reds) those reds will still be live with the light switch turned off . so make sure you turn of the lighting circuit at the consumer unit and test its dead before you touch it, if you are not sure if the circuit is saftley isolated then i would suggest to get a spark this would be a simple job and should not cost much to do just a call out charge , but if you do not isolated the circuit propley or connect up the light incorrectly you could get an electric shock or worse case , kill yourself or someone else, not trying to scare you , just want you to be safe

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