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Hi all - first post...............

Just passed the 17th the other day, and want to confirm if my undersatnding is correct.

If I have a cable (1.5mm T&E) which was inadvertently cut and required joining, but I did not want to create an inspection hatch in the roof, and couldn't run a new cable is the following method acceptable.

CPC sleeved on both ends of cable, line and neutral prepared, all conductors joined with insulated crimps and places in a plastic 'choc box' (as seen on dragons den), both cables secured with cable clamps within enclosure. Box mounted on ceiling joists at least 50mm from face of plasterboard. Ceiling made good with no facilty to inspect the completed enclosure.

Think that covers it.


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Hi Barry, I am interested in the replies you get, as this is the way I do such a repair.


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It will be interesting for me to learn if you can "bury" a junction box like that in the UK. That sure wouldn't fly in the US. Every junction box must have means to access it without having to damage the finish of the building.

Our code does permit us to "bury" these slick new connectors from companies like AMP and Molex:



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Whilst on the 17th edition course, i was told that any screw terminal connections have to be accessible, and that crimped joints dont.

In my experience there is just as much chance of developing a fault from crimp joints as a screw terminal joint box. A joint box may be placed under the floorboards providing that it is a short board and screwed down not nailed. Again i think this is stupid - A joint box is only acessible if you know it is there.

assured elec

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The method you have stated is fine , although some people don't believe you should crimp single solid core cable ( NICEIC dont have a problem with it) or you can use one of theses

Maintenance Free Junction Box Hager


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sounds good to me...
I wonder how many sparks out there are still using chock block and insulating tape to do the same thing......your method is far better and complies with current regs...


Have a look at spring operated push fit connector blocks if you're not sure about crimps. Very quick to use and can join upto 8 conductors together. not required to be inspectable so could be "buried" with additional mech protection

salisbury spark

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Yep even soldered joints are termed permanent and dont need access for inspection. - You can solder to radiator pipes the supplementry bonding just below the floor boards without needing access (permanent bond)- much better than earth clamps and cable running around bathrooms, although still need to leave label stating 'electrical connection do not remove' on or near joint. Im going to try the pushfit connectors soon and put them in enclosures rather than JB's (cost dependent).
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