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Is there a Jurrassic Spark here?
Fondly remembered quips
On BSC plant new shell cooling furnaces, maybe 25 years ago
Boss, to men in cabin...'right guys I'm the person responsible for all this, it is new and innovative it is the future, unfortunately furnace bricklaying will be a trade of the past. I've designed the whole thing' so if there are any questions, I'm your man...any questions?
Guy at back, hand up ...'err yeah, what is the capital of Mongolia' ..tumbleweed hush, then mass laughter
Boss whom don't get it, says 'err no I mean to do with this job, geography is not my strong point.'
Boss whom said at water treatment plant, if anyone is unhappy with how things are done here they may as well leave now, all 24 sparks stood up and left....'Wait, wait...why are you all leaving, cos we ain't happy. 'Ok ok lets talk'
We are just a family firm here, any questions...'can I borrow your car tonight dad'
Boss to newly qualified improver, 'listen I don't care how long it takes just do it correctly, take your time and make a good job'
ok he says. Next day the boss returns, nothing done..'what the fcuk you being doing'...err nothing 'Why' cos I don't know how to do it, you said take your time I'm trying to find out how to do it.
Boss 'We don't need any sparks right now, can you come back in the spring' spark, 'fcuk me what do you think I am a fcking tulip?
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*Watches the tumbleweed as it rolls by, followed by the deathly hush of silence*
hey wattsup, have you got ur own company with the name wattsup ?? sounds pretty cool, you could have

WATTSUP and a slogan "with your electrics, give us a call"

lol, just a moment i thought of when I read your post ;)


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hehe nice one watts

3 sparks watchin one spark bending conduit on the floor below from a gantry. he kept going in with the piece obviously trying it for fit then coming back to the bender to tweak it once twice third time launched it into the air where it hit an rsj and bounced straight off his bonce

hehe dont know if its true but i wish i was there if so

massive bang as a rugby ball size sodium lamp smashes on the floor foreman come out ranting and asks what the [email protected]*k happened to his brand new lamp. "its them stupid buggers" says eldest spark "they passed it out the the flyhalf" pause and looks of confusion " i aint no [email protected]*kin flyhalf"

hahaha good times
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