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Laid off from City job back in May. with little chance of getting back into it. I need to get some sort of income soon to carry on paying the mortgage so I started doing an online/at home/part on-site course about 3 weeks ago that is supposed to take me to Full Scope Electrician (Domestic Electrical Installer along the way). NVQ3 is my final aim.

Having read a number of threads here about these "fast-track" courses, before I took the plunge, I suspect a number of people on this forum to dis me.

Anyway, for those who may be thinking about going down this route I have some initial observations that may be of use if you want.

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Ewilday, Would love to hear your Initial Observations mate, any info for a would be trainee greatly appreciated.


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Hi sean-uk,

Below are some random observations and thoughts, which may or may not be of any use...

1. The chap who came around my house was nothing short of a double-glazing salesman who expected me to sign on the dotted line there and then plus cough up some dough. I sent him away whilst I investigated (not a happy chappy).
2. Can't say I found much in the way of endorsements. Some guys were happy with their plumbing course and had got jobs. Their affiliate companies seemed pretty kosher so I went with them anyway. (I guess what I'm trying to say is check out any company as much as you can).
3. This company allows you to pay a little every month and virtually nothing up front, so its not killing the bank balance straight away. Of course you're tied to paying it back at some point.
4. My initial impressions of the course is that the material is extremely comprehensive, manuals, on-line visual training, tutors (I have a team of 4) that can be contacted by phone or email. Regular examinations and yes they do fail you and will not let you continue to the next module until you have fathomed the last one.
5. I was hoping to chug through the course at a rate of knots but I'm not...
i. I'm 45 plus the beer soaked brain has had a bit of a beating over the years
ii. I could get through the exams more quickly but then I wouldn't have learnt/understood and be able to remember everything. Think about it, my guess is anyone doing courses like this are likely to face prejudice from those who have got where they are through apprenticeship and long study timetables, so at least try and know as much theory as possible.
6. I mentioned that I hope to pass my DEI asap (though still possibly 4-5 months away), then hopefully get some work that will keep the bank manager from the door. This will then allow me to continue with the rest of the course at a rather less manic level.
7. The course provides 8 weeks of hands-on in 1 and 2 week blocks. I won't get to my first one for another 2.5 months (I reckon) so cannot comment on whether they are any cop, however, its done by a separate company that has had good write-ups.
8. To get my NVQ3 I intend to offer my services for free (or very cheap:D) to anyone wishing to give me a chance. That's quite a way down the line.

I know that was all rather disjointed but hope it helps and Good Luck with whatever you do!



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Hello and welcome to the forums.

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