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Toolboxes at college are kingdick stuff seem pretty solid stuff.
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Aico 3000


Here's a photo of my king dick.
Very nice.

Non-sparking beryllium-copper perhaps? Someone has been working in an explosive atmosphere...
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Usually I find this site has some of the best prices for King Dick satisfaction:


I inherited a couple of King Dick tools from my Dad..."footprints" he called them. Very solid build quality. Also have two Gedore adjustables, and they have a nice chromed finish and are very smooth.
I guess we are all seeing a trade-off between quality and price. If an occasional user, cheaper is ok, but if a heavy user then quality always wins.
I remember my dad getting his expensive wood-saw sharpened every year...think it was Spear and Jackson, and cost a lot of cash all those years ago...nowadays, saw technology is such that 3 for a tenner saws do a great job, and when they are blunt you bin them, or use them to cut breeze-block,.
However...tin hat on...cheap screwdrivers are the devil's playthings, and should be avoided completely...good ones are cheap enough.
Here are some expensive tools that I don't think will stand much abuse:
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The website says they make an ideal Father's Day gift...

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