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Hi guys and gals

I’ve just done a job to extend a kitchen ring, the house has 2 rings, 1 for the kitchen and one for the rest of the house
On inspection I found that the landing socket, small bedroom socket, and 1 socket in the living room are all connected to the kitchen ring.

I am going to put a warning label on the out side of the cu is this complying with the regs.
I would be grateful for any help and suggestions you may have.

Yours Pete

Ps. this one of my jobs for niceic,


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Yeah i would definetly add this information onto the circuit descriptions , not sure whatt the regs say about this though


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agree but the old adage is never assume always make sure its safe


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if its mentioned on the consumer unit and recorded on your test cert then can't see a problem, just be sure the odd sockets you mention form part of the original ringmain,not a looped ringmain from the original.


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Are these other sockets connected as a spur or as part of the ring???

If they are a spur (measure R1+R2 accurately) then don't forget to downrate the breaker supplying this circuit.

I had a similair occurence for my NICEIC inspection where most of the kitchen is spurred off the upstairs socket ring, and the fridge socket in the kitchen is fed from the old kitchen ring...(methinks a double broken ring in the kitchen now fed via upstaris ring, but it's all under laminate flooring so It will wait)

I labelled the circuits correctly and downrated the breakers as they are now supplying radial circuits and the inspector (Colin Keisnor) was quite happy with this.

Whilst I am here, for the inspection, a test lamp (not a volt stick or similair device) was required, a long wander lead for real appliance earth loop testing and the appropriate paperwork;-
Electrical safety at work
A downloaded copy of Part P of the building regs
along with all the usual IET books.
Also 10mm bonding of course to gas and water.

My apologies if I am teaching my granny how to suck eggs, but re-tests are bloody expensive...


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