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The most recent post in Electrical Tools and Products is actually showing the most recent post in the main electrical forum.
The thread Domestic SUpply Advice is not in that forum area.

I can't replicate the problem matey.

Seems to be in the UK Electrical Forum now, weird glitch or cache issue there. I assume if it hasn't been moved and is therefore a redirect (shouldn't show in the latest post column then though either) then it has to be a glitch you've found mate.

I'll keep an eye on it though as the forum can't be doing that often!
@Dan I'll have one more go at explaining, then I will accept it's only affecting me!
Pls see below

The thread "Ring spotlight on old house" is not in Electrical Tools and Products section.
It is in the DIY section:


Am I the only one that see's this?!
I've just logged out, cleared my browser cache and cleared any data for this site. Whilst logged out, it was still showing as per my post above and now I've logged in again it's the same.

Update - Machine/Browser information
I'll add... I'm using Firefox 124.0.2 (64 bit version). OS is Windows 11 Pro (64 bit), machine is a gaming beast (lots of fast memory, good graphics card and lots of NVME storage). Having just looked at the about box for Firefox, there is an update pending. I am running the NoScript extension but for here, there is nothing disabled to the best of my knowledge.
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