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Hi all!! Has anyone ahyd any experience/been to Leicester College for any Sparks training??
Looking at doing some of their, comprehensive, training to update to 17th Ed and so on.
Was perhaps looking at Technique Training in Chesterfield, but like most I'm unsure about throwing loads of cash at them!!!
I'm pretty sure that LeicesterColl' is the way forward but any feedback is more than welcome.
Great site by the way!! :)
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I know there is a lot of training courses at loughborough college.


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Hi everyone.
Just thought I'd post a quick reply (to myself) with some feedback on Leicester College.

Just completed, and passed, the EAL Domestic Installer Qualification at Leicester!!
Decided to go with Leicester College as they obviously do a full range of Sparks training, so know what they are doing, with all the facilities.
The trainers, John and George, were both well experienced electricians (decades!!) and also trained teachers. They provided excellent clear, easy to understand training that all of us in the group were able to take in. The also gave lots of valuable info and insight into past jobs etc and great subjects to chat over. Very friendly and easy to talk and as questions to.
Leics Coll has got some good facilities, with a variety of testers (Meggers, Flukes, DiLogs etc) and other equipment to use, including different test rigs ready to go. Good basic practical training, making sure that we left with very high standards of work.
Cousrework tests were taken along the way without too much problem for the group. Plenty of example papers and the like to practice and prepare for all the tests and final exam. (That last exam was a bit tricky, but still passed, so hey!!)
Would def recommend the college to anyone wanting training for the Domestics. MUCH BETTER VALUE THAN THE PRIVATE COLLEGES I'VE SEEN!!!!!!

Also did my 17th Ed update while I was there too. Not too bad to pass as long as you know your way round the Regs book.

Now just ELECSA visit to pass!! (GULP):eek: But pretty confident after training. Got some jobs lined up, so fingers crossed. Any advice on the site visit greatly appreciated??!!

Cheers all,

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