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Have been given the job of changing a bank of office light fittings over to shiny new class 2 jobs. Lights are wired 3 plate from a junction box so that only 1 cable is then taken to the first fitting and then linked to remaining fittings. The junction box takes the form of an 80mm x 80mm adaptable box with 15amp connector block used for terminations. Each cable has been stripped back far enough so that it held by both screws in the connector block (reallt tidy job). There is no incorported strain relief but all incoming cables are very neatly clipped to the surrounding joists. Looking at this set up as a maintenance spark, I am very impressed with how its done and cannot see a problem with it. My fellow spark on the other hand thinks its unacceptable and should be ripped out and replaced with a proper junction box.Can any of the forum members with far more knowledge of these thing than we have, settle the argument and give us your thoughts?Thanks and ATBChris (and his increasing irate fellow spark)
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I cant see any issue with what you have described.

Cables are supported via clipping, terminations are sound and the box is accessible for inspection.

How do the cables enter the box itself???


It should be possible to fit stuffing glands to the cable entries. Other than that no problems.
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Thanks for the quick replies.The box has the incorporated rubber glands and the cables enter through these (the sort you cut yourself) off the top of my head, I think they are IP55 rated.I wouldn't be too much trouble to fitting stuffing glands so we may go that way.On another note, this is my first post, how do i get linebreaks in my posts? They just seem to come out as one block of text rather than spaced out as I type it!ATBChris


As long as the holes arent much larger than the cables that enter through them, i.e you cant poke your finger in there, and they are not at risk of damage from sharp edges etc, I can see no real issue with this arrangement.

Perhpas you could ask your colleague exactly why this arrangement needs ripping out and which regs (if any) it is contravening.

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