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hello, i am looking for a bit of advice.
i have a new lighting circuit installed in a property which has been fully tested and has tested with no problems and no bad results,but the landing light is flickering on and off at intermitting times.this light is the only light in the circuit that has intermediate switching,
any ideas welcome.


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Loose connection somewhere in the rose or one or more of the switches.
low energy lamp faulty?


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thanks for your replies to question posted,
i dont believe there are any loose wires in either light fitting or switches, but the lamp in question is a low energy light bulb so i will try that, thanks
try a normal lamp and so what happens hope you sort it


Does the light flicker when it's meant to switched off? I have heard of low energy light bulbs doing this and catching fire.


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This may sound daft on a landing light [but i have seen it done ]...one of the end 2-way switches isnt a dimmer switch is it./......this would make a low energy lamp flicker....and probably shortly destroy the dimmer switch also..... if this is not the case then try a standard filament lamp and see how you get on from there.



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Agreed ive had and im sure everyone else has at some point problems with a few low energy lamps ! ive even had one go and after tripping rcd couldnt reset it untill offending bulb found/removed.

Des 56

Since the advent of low energy fittings there has been problems encountered with regard two way lights and low energy cfls

The problem shows up especially where there is for instance a two gang switch that has a looped feed to the 2nd of the gang and a pair of strappers to the next two way switch and a single to the light
Because of capacitance generated in the cores with the switch line being seperate from the strappers
The three core conversion circuit does not have this problem
The observation of this is that all connections etc are fine and that the light flickers repeatedly when it is switched off
It would be interseting to know the present circuit layout for the 2 way


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I really think this is a low energy bulb problem as i think as the prices of these bulbs come down the quality and reliability will come down also. I had similar problem and replaced bulb with exact same low energy bulb an hi-presto we have light. Also £10 for 20watt low energy bulb that dims is going to relegate dimmers to the dustbin.:eek:

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