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Hello all,

I have replaced fuse board for nic eic assessment. Discovered few issues with current wiring (no bonding, supplementary bonding connected to socket earth, r1r2 0.01ohm.. .) but my question is for light testing do I need to measure r1r2 at light fitting (wall light) or switch is enough? The reason why I am asking is there are so many Junction boxes in the loft. Thanks for your advice. David.
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You need to record the highest R1+R2, so need to test the end of line normally. In your circumstance, you’re going to have to test a few that are furthest from the board to get identify highest reading.

If you don’t, you just know your assessor will ask you to test one and it’ll be higher than your highest recorded..... and then the questions will start
Personally I prefer testing at the light fitting, unless it’s two plated or downlights, as you'll normally cause ceiling damage getting them down to test
Good luck
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Aha so I shall measure furthest light and continuity of cpc at least. There is not much ceiling roses. Mainly wall lights they all wired up the ceiling to junction boxes. So is it enough to measure at actual lamp socket and touch conductive part or it has to be measured at junction box. Other thing is there may not be cpc up to the light everywhere.
Are you saying you have replaced a board where there is no main protective bonding?
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I have fixed the bonding. Don't worry I know the purpose of bonding and it was the first thing I have checked.

Today I have tested outside lights and It took me a while to find how they were wired up (6 junction boxes) and it would be easier just to measure at the lamps. But there is not realy acces to cpc at the lamp. So is it enough to measure at the conductive metal part ? ? Or what do you guys do if you come across lights other than ceiling rose pendants.
What grade of membership are you applying for with the NICEIC and I don't wish to sound negative but are you ready for this step.
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I don't want to take any short cuts just asking if you got 15 wall lights and you cannot see cpc terminal as they are fitted on wall and only the thing you see is lamp socket. Do you need to take all of them off ?

Domestic. I guess you guys also had to build your know how when you started. When you pass the driving licence it does not mean you are the best driver right. Just wanted to ask more experienced lads for advice.
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Not sure will take one down tommorow and have a look. But there is a chance that they might be class 2. But even if there were class 2 and there was no cpc coming out of the wall (porpably cut, as you "do" with unnecessary wires) you just don't take r1 and r2 test and need to leave note that only class 2 lights to be fitted as there is no cpc provided.
I suggest you remove one and see what is the situation before you guess at what course of action to take.
Seen so many cases where earth’s are cut @ class 2 fitting,why oh why would you do that.
For starters it’s a no no,continuity of cpc completely necessary for earth protection on that curcuit.
Things can only get better ....
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