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So I"m looking to replace all my rear lights with arrays of LEDs.

Now my question is this: when I turn on my parking light, some of my lights light up dim, but when I hit the turn signals or brake lights, they light up bright, how do I achieve this effect with LEDs?

Well, from what I gather, you use a PWM circuit to pulse the LED when it's supposed to be dim, then you splice the brake or turn light signal into the same wire such that when you hit the turn signal or brake light, the LED receives full power, overriding the strobing.

Is this the way to go?


I take it you are not in UK as your current scheme contravenes the UK Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations. The method you suggest for achieving the dimming of the LEDs via PWM is a workable solution, but rather than splice the brake or turn signals into the same wire, it may be preferable to use them to signal the PWM to switch from pulse mode to continuous.


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