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My present boots and trainers are about creamed and am looking for a new pair.
I usually buy cat's but the one's i like and are comfortable with are no longer available.
Can anyone recommend a decent pair of trainers and boots (have to be steel t/c)
If preferable the trainers will have ankle support (smashed mine several years ago and ankle support is preferable)
Any price range up to £100.00 will be ok as i have found an expensive pair lasts a lot longer than a cheep £30.00 generic pair, With less sweat probs and lots better comfort.
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good evening ,decent boots have been a problem since i first started work over twenty years ago i even got my first pair resoled because i liked them . eventually the top wore out
boot choice is an individual choice as fingerprints is
my current pair is a direct replacement for my last pair ,each pair lasts about 12/18 months on average before becoming thin or smelly! average cost 40 quid
wore riggers for a time but they dont have ankle support


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i have been wearing Dr martins for the last couple of years. a bit dearer but very comfortable and hard wearing


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Mine are V12 Powerwear boots. Very trendy (like CAT sand boots) and about £50. I am fussy as have size 11 feet which are broad. Trouble is I just keep tripping over them! I go through about one pair a year.


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Hi all.
sorry for the delay but been on hols.
Liked the look of the powerwear boots and as i also suffer from broad feet, and have bought a couple of pairs. Very comfy.
Tried doc martins but they always seem to pinch my toes.
Thanks all.


have you tried De Walt Apprentice ? The most comfortable, lightweight, slimline boots i've ever worn. Discovered them when I was working on scaffolding (fitting alarms!!) and they're the only DeWalt product I'd buy


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i agree the dewalt 1's are nice i prefer the timbaland steelies tho the 1's that look like trainers at the bottom lol they were 45 in costco but think they mite be back up to about 80 :)


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i'd agree aswell. i've had my dewalt apprentice boots for couple of months now, the most comfortable boots i've ever owned!
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