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Hello, hoping someone can help........!
One of my customers has just split there large house into 3, New supplies for the new (two) flats has been installed, however the water supply remains the same i.e. there is still only one stop cock for the whole house. So do I.........Request that each flat has its own water supply sorted before seperating the wiring OR run 10mm to the stop cock in the main house OR clip 10mm on to the point where the water enters the flats even though they have no stop cocks??????? if you can help please do
Cheers Matt


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As it is at the moment I'd run 10mm from each flat to where the stop cock is located & lable each with flat numbers.
But there could be allsorts of problems with paying the water bill anyway, so I'd also suggest to your customer that the water needs metering individualy to each flat.
treat each one as a separate (electrical) installation, and install main bonding to other services as close as practicable to the point of entry for each.

Regards Luke (admin)
I agree with Luke.

Each flat is a seperate installation and even if there is not a stop cock within this 'unit' you should bond the services coming into this 'unit' from the 'units' consumer unit.


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Bond incomming water to earth block and take bond from block to each flat:D


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Hope he's finished the job by now;) I would have quoted for 3yr labour :D


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Alright I admit it -------------------------------------------------------- DOH!!
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