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luke teague

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i have started up on my own after many years working for people and doing all the work and earning them load of money!!!

Whats the best way to advertise because im new to the area i live in!
I have put out good quality colour leaflets and put some up in shop windows.
I have a website and advertised on internet but i only have a small budget.

I would like to write some letters to estate agents, local council, hotels ect ect

does anyone have any good examples of marketing letters that i could adapt for myself?

can anyone please help many thanks!!
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your local council will have lists online of every planning application that has been submitted that week, it may be pretty hard to find on their web site but every council has one.
you can get all the info you need, type of job ie extention to house or new factory . new and adress of applicant and agent if they are using one, and usually drawings. and if they have been approved or are just pending.
make yourself a letter of introduction explaining what you do and the relevant qualifications you have ie timeserved, years experiance, part p and make it generic so that you print a load then send them 2nd class to all the people that are doing jobs that interest you.


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I worked in marketing for 15 years so could write you some letters at £110 per hour;):p


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Chasing planning applications is a waste of time...most times.
Most small companies take years and years to build a customer base, everybody know's an electrician for domestic use, if they don't they will go on reccomendation from someone who 'knows someone' It is exponential, sometimes in the future with a good customer base you will 'bought out' if you are lucky.

If new, go for commercial contracts expect to jump thru hoops it is very very cut-throat. But along side do domestic stuff, over the years you should be able to develop a good customer base. If you are good and accommodating eventually you will get work with hardly any advertising at all.
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