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Do Martindale VI13700 Voltage Indicators and proving units need calibrating.
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Proving unit no.
Indicator yearly.
You wouldn't send one of those voltage indicators away for "calibration" would you? Surely it's enough to prove that it's working; you're not going to use it to accurately measure the voltage.
I always thought that you have to calibrate only those instruments you use to certify
or am I wrong? A voltage indicator just either works or doesn't work, it doesn't give a value.


Hmm, I see what you mean; I wonder how much they charge to calibrate one of these.
Not sure I'd bother myself. Provided you check it at the time of use, I think I'd risk it!


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[FONT=&quot]Approved voltage testers that indicate voltage in broad bands do not require calibrating. However, if the tester incorporates a meter it should be subject to annual calibration to maintain accuracy of the meter.

so the martindale wouldnt but a Fluke T5-1000 would as it has seperate functions for continuity , current and voltage is that correcxt if so looks as if i will be buying a martindale and proving unit and hiding the T5 on assessment day lol
Hypothetical question here since I have no intention of joining any of the scams. If my Martindale was nicked could I use the voltage logging function of my Metrel MFT as a voltage indicator? Obviously it's calbrated regularly and the leads and probes are compliant and it's able to be checked on a known live supply ie the incoming tails
Hi mate they reckon you shouldnt use the voltage setting of the megger as it has a dial and when carrying out a voltage test could inadvertently knock the dial to a DIFFERENT SETTING
But my assessor didnt see any prob with me using a fluke t5- 1000 and proving it on a known supply?

I was told not to use and think it mentions this in GS38
Twas just a thought that occurred Bruce, irrelevant really since I always know where the Martindale is at all times
I bought a fluke last year but will possibly invest in a martindale and proving unit so far jsut been using known supply like supply terminals or a socket outlet using the socket and see adapter

makes you wonder why they sell them with a voltage function if you cant use it
as my probes have 4mm tips or less on the megger so whats difference and even if you do knock the dial or set it to wrong setting the megger gives you a warning notice like when doing continuity if there was a voltage present the megger starts beeping with a warning notice on the dial
this is what i was worried about buying the fluke for me assessment last year thought he would pull me
but he jsut wanted to see me isolating locking off proving , testing for dead proving and posting warning notice he didnt even look at the fluke
I was worried for nothing as he put me at ease from the start
I was chuffed when i got a A no non conformancies so must have done somehting right
its coming around again in october seems a lot for the 2 jobs i will have notified maybe 3 by then lol

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