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guys need a little advice

i am asked to supply a new lighting circuit to a small comercial property the property is supplyed by a single phase /100 amp main fuse/ this runs to a small 4 way fuse board with x 4, 40 amp fuses in wich in turn supplys 4 loads ,1x 40 amp load 1x 40 amp load 1 x cu with a number of mcb 1x cu more mcb, the question is if i want to work out the maximum demand for this suply am i correct in calculating the x 4 40s were the main suply funs to ie =after doing the calc 88amps ? as oposed to working out the cu in a domestic prop witch would be way over ?? take it easy guys am fairly new


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I'm always gentle Paddy ...........................I'm a little confused with what your trying to achieve.

If your trying to work out the maximum demand for certification such as an EIC, then personally I would put 100amp which is the size of the main fuse as per you.

If your trying to find the maximum demand or diversity because your adding to the installation then unfortunately though there is guidance in the OSG, it really does not cover commercial/industrial very well as there really is a multitude of things in these types of installation you have to factor in.

If you come back on can you be more specific in what your trying to achieve
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