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on your Second MCS visit

Is this based still around the ONE solar pv job you will take the assessor to later in the day.

IE Quotes/Sap - Contract - Surveys- Wind Cals - Roof Cals based around the single job?????


Will the assessor need access to all documents for all jobs you completed in your first year

The reason I am asking is I am thinking about making my qms excel with hyperlinks so if he ask for say roof survey for joe blogs I can just click on it and it will pop up

Rather than rumage in all my mountain of paper work ,

Becaus if he/she just wants to look at the docs for one job then theres no point in wasting hours of hyperlinking docs for easy access..

?????? thanks in advance:pimp2:
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I had everything to hand and I'm glad I did. The annual visit is more to prove what you said you will do is what you have done. Our guy followed the process on about five jobs skipping from one to the other swiftly. I think it is their way of seeing if you have a system in place by putting pressure on finding the right bit of paper. Fortunately all our jobs are in individual folders with index sheets which have everything ticked off on it once it is in the folder. This is how I have it in the QMS. Our guy was impressed I'd written my own QMS and made comment on how well I could navigate through it. Didn't stop him from wanting some pathetic minor alterations!

P.S. I'm with the NICEIC also.

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So the hyper link thing is a good idea then?

I worried if I spend days on end linking the papers to my qms .

and then it turns out he wants to see only the docs for the job he will visit that day ???


Did they want to do any on site visits or just paper work


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We had all files ready for inspection but he only looked at the one for the install we were visiting that day. And then it was just asking me to pull out the info he asked for rather than handing the file over for him to look at.
The inspection was just checking labels and schematic at the CU and a glance at the inverter in the loft. It was all very straight forward and i didn't feel he was out to catch us out for anything.


Cheers, as I've just started at this company and I'm trying to sort out my paperwork as the last person dident have a clue and theres loads missing.
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