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Ross Trician

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Hello all, I am after some advice,

I have just bought a megger 1552 tester. I was "practicing" with it today as I am a novice when it come to inspection and testing. I found the instruction manual a bit naff. I was trying to do a Zs/earth fault loop impedance on a radial circuit and the meter kept saying "trip" the way I interprited using the meter is it can use a 2 lead rather than a 3 lead test but shows trip. if I also put the black lead to neutral it gives a reading.

could someone please give me some clarity on the method or what I am doing wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

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presumably you are on 'no trip loop'

on the side of the meter, there is a black hole at the bottom with 'no trip loop' written on it.

it does what it says on the tin!

if you are set to 'no trip loop' for EFLI or PFC then you must puit your black lead in the no trip loop hole and connect it to the neutral of the circuit you are measuring

you will find as well, if you were measuring Ze using no trip loop you DONT disconnect the main earth!

its just the way it is......have fun now

and test safely!;)

Ross Trician

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Thanks for the quick reply Shakey.

I would of thought the instructions that come with the tester would be a bit beter than what they are. I have been an electrician for a good few years but not familiar with the inspection and testing side of things. do you have experience with the megger meter? if so whats your opinions etc of it,,

Cheers Ross.


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yeah, got lots of them, very very experienced with the meter

simple to use, but a bit slow on the no-trip functions

but like you have discovered, the manual is useless, and i badgered Megger into supllying me with the plug top lead with the three connectors on (so you can do the ring cross connects) for free

it hacks me off the way they want you to buy extras

bought a few PAT testers off thwem, and the 'extras' were going to be over 150 quid per meter on top!!!

I say 'were' cause bulk buying gives you a bit of leverage;);)


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Hi, I have a megger 1552 that gives completely different results when
measuring "Hi" & "no trip" impedance values. The Hi value seems to give the most accurate result (compared to another meter) while the no trip value always seems to be a lot higher. It seems to only happen when
trying to test at a particular premises containing 21 flats with 3 phase
incomming supply. Ze (hi) = 0.25 whilst Ze (no trip) = 2.85.
I have had the unit checked by a calibration lab but they cannot find any
faults with the meter. Could this be caused by high voltage fluctuations/ noise in the circuits?
Thanks Wayne


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did you get a disc included with the pack


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You will find that any test meter that has a no trip function will give different readings due to the nature of how it carries out the test without tripping.


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Ross Megger has a demonstration video on how to use the tester on their web site


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check for the dvd that came with the tester, its with the calibration cert in the top of the megger box. Shows how to do all the tests. very helpful.

If your doing a zs test why not use the plug attachment that comes with the tester rather than the leads if its a radial socket circuit hth cheers
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Amp David

I've only ever used the Hi setting and 2 leads for the measurement of Ze. Is this wrong?

Have a look at the following links for some instruction


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Sorry but my advice is if you can't figure out how to do non trip loop test leave testing alone


with the 1552 on no trip Zs test you must use 3 leads or the plug-top lead

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